Friday, March 18, 2011

Dominik's first camping trip

After having to postpone what was supposed to be Dominik's first camping trip last fall, we had a successful outing!  But not everything went according to plan.  We were planning to see the wildflowers in Joshua Tree NP (which should be spectacular after all the rain we've had this season), but the forecast was for wind in the 15-30 mph (24-48 kph), which would not be pleasant for anyone tent camping, least of all a family of four small children.

So Tom picked a new location for our family...but one that was "old" for him.  San Clemente State Beach was the location that Tom camped as a young boy with his family for many summers, and this was the first time he had returned in more than 35 years!

More pictures tomorrow, but try to guess if Dominik enjoyed his first camping trip:

Now for a bit of Happy Ones trivia:

Dominik's first camping trip was at the beach, Natalie and Konrad's first camping trips were at the desert...

...and Lukas' first camping trip was in the mountains (before this blog started).

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