Sunday, June 12, 2011

More milestones

As of Thursday or Friday, Dominik is officially walking everywhere.  When we put him down, he will stay standing and walk off.  So I'd count him starting to walk at 12 months, and independent walker right at 13 months.  Lukas and Konrad were 14 and 15 months before they even started and Natalie was 2.5, so this is much earlier for our house!  It's definitely going to keep me on my toes, especially when we play outside, until he learns the rule about "the line" we don't cross in the driveway.

Dominik also likes to try all food, and he usually likes to eat anything he tries, if it's soft enough.  This morning he tried cantaloupe, and even though it was pretty ripe, it wasn't soft enough for him (or else he didn't like the taste, for the first time!)  I'd been cutting corn off the cob for him, but the other night he kept pointing and yelling "dat!" so I gave him the cob to work kept him busy for at least 30 minutes!  And he ate almost all the corn off of it!


Karen said...

My kids loved corn "on the cob" at that age. My son also devoured dill pickles. I thought that was strange. He would walk around sucking on it, and eventually ate it.

He sure is growing way to fast!

Sarah said...

Congratulations Dominik! I love corn too ;)

- Sarah