Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome Sofia!

 Natalie and I visited Sofia--a new RTS sister (ok, Natalie's three brothers came along too)!  Sofia is 3 years old and soooo cute!  Natalie and I were very impressed with how well she walks, and she's speaking several words  too.  Sofia was surprised to wake up from her nap and find five people she'd never met before in her home!  Natalie enjoyed playing with Sofia's toys and in her backyard, and I enjoyed chatting with Cassandra, Sofia's mom and getting to know her a little bit. Welcome Sofia!  We can't wait to watch you grow!



Sarah said...

Awww girl time! So much fun =)

- Sarah

Jessica said...

Well, a new RTS sister I didn't know about!!! Welcome I hope to meet you too!!!