Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A boy and his blankie

It has always been "the rule" in our house that kids don't walk around with their blankie (blankies are for the crib or bed only).  They are such a trip hazard, and then they end up getting left all over the place (and you know how I get very anxious when there's clutter) and how does a child learn if he walks around all day with a blankie?  (Natalie often walks around with dolls, which serve a similar purpose to blankies, but they aren't the trip hazard).  Anyway, the youngest Happy One has a habit of pulling his blankie out of the crib.  He often brings it to me and waits expectantly for me to put it back in the crib (and then I put it to the very back where he can't reach it).

But it's still cute!  Tom took these photos of the little blankie boy, Dominik.

The other interesting tidbit is that Konrad's and Dominik's blankies look very similar (knitted for them by different friends, but they used the same yarn!).  Of course Dominik's looks newer, but he's happy to use Konrad's if he can't reach his own...so that means I also have to put Konrad's at the back of his bed, since Dominik can't YET climb on Konrad's bed.

And then Dominik goes and plays with a real toy...cars, trains, blocks, balls...he loves them all!

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Sawyer said...

That is so cute. I love blankie kids. I can't believe how big Dominik looks!