Saturday, September 24, 2011

Auto Show

When Tom said we were going to a car show, the kids thought he was talking about one of those car shows where people show off their antique and vintage cars.  Nope!  This car show was all about new cars!

I remember going to this car show when I was pregnant with Lukas, but I don't think I've been back that's eight years!  Somehow this year it sounded like a good idea (other years, someone wasn't walking well enough), and we had a fabulous time!

Our visit started with a trip to Camp Jeep.  I stayed in the track with Natalie, to keep her going in the right direction.

The people behind us were standing in line to ride a real Jeep over the Camp Jeep course, but we were watching Lukas on the climbing wall.

There he is!  Lukas liked to go about 12 feet, then slide down and climb again.  We couldn't convince him to go to the top of the climbing wall (about 25 feet).

Tom used to own a Jeep (which he sold to buy my minivan...such a dad!)  This was a great feeling to be sitting in a Jeep with his three sons.

And then they tried the Fiat!

This morning, Konrad asked to go back to the auto show.  Sorry, that's a once-a-year event!

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