Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Sarah and Samantha came over for a playdate yesterday and it was so fun!  Fun for Sarah and me to catch up, and fun for Konrad and Dominik to play with Samantha.

Konrad is showing Samantha the buttons on Dominik's new car.  I love her expression.  I would caption it "and you think I can't figure that out?" 

I had a hard time picking the best picture of Samantha and I posted a few. 
Here's the cutest (I think) of Sam.

Wait, Konrad snuck a ride on the car!

Don't they look so serious?

And now for a completely different expression!  What is really going on inside a baby's head?  "C'mon, mom, you got enough pictures already!"

And just because I didn't capture a normal expression for Dominik in the previous pictures, I had to include this one.

And Lukas and Natalie loved seeing Sarah and Samantha when they came home!  Yeah for playdates!

P.S.  Compare the picture of Dominik above to the picture of him on the sidebar of the blog!  Can you believe how much he's grown in a year?

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Sarah said...

Yaaaay! It was SO FUN. Your captions got me laughing out loud literally. We have to do it again soon!

- Sarah