Monday, October 10, 2011

Right Eye

Today, Natalie and I left early in the morning for her scheduled EUA at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Cindy held down the fort with the boys, and kept the homeschooling schedule on track. Natalie and I were sent to a different surgical center, which allowed us to see a different part of this huge hospital. Natalie was given a doll as a gift from the hospital, which was an extra special treat. She admired her new doll in the box, but was still more attached to Snow White (Jesse had the day off). Natalie still prefers her soft human-like dolls rather than hard human-like (who really has legs proportioned like that?) dolls.

We still held a little hope that Natalie would not need a shunt in the right eye, but the doctor reported that her pressures were too high when she checked them today. The good news is the shunt that was implanted in August is working fine and Natalie's pressures in that eye are normal. Normal, that is, with the aid of pressure-reducing eye drops. Once Natalie's eyes are both operating under normal pressure, we hope her existing glasses will be more effective. More importantly, that she will retain her vision and not lose her sight.

The nurse put a purple mark over the eye to be operated on today.

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Jessica said...

You know, the more I read about Natalie, the more I say that Rachel and her are twins! Yup, we are all sisters, but Natalie and Rachel are twins.. I can't get over how much they are alike in looks and medical, and the things they do and like.. Rachel loves Woody, carries her Disney plush woody everywhere.. I hope all the Glaucoma worries are behind you. Rach has been stable now for a few years.. Knock on wood