Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A very hot day

The weather forecast had said 99* but I didn't believe them.  Well, it topped off at 101* (38* C) at our home...thankfully there wasn't much wind to go with it, or it really would have felt like an oven.

The easiest water play was to just turn on the sprinklers, and I was all about the easy choice today.  While a contractor was here giving a bid for a new front door, the school called and said Natalie fell asleep and would I come get her.  So as soon as the contractor left, we piled into the car and picked up Natalie from school.  Of course, after she came home, she was wide awake and playing like normal...hope she doesn't learn that she can go home if she feigns sleep!  We don't know if she's extra tired from recovering from the eye surgery, or if it's a side effect of a new seizure med we're trying (I think I didn't post that she had a new kind of seizure last week, so we're trying a new med to see how she tolerates it).  It's been a little crazy around here...we have a lot going on.  And my back is not feeling great, so I pushed one button to turn on the lawn sprinklers instead of lugging out the hose and the favorite water toys.

Anyway, here are some pictures from water play this afternoon.

Who was the most excited about the sprinklers?  The oldest child!

But the youngest liked it too!

Konrad was sad that I didn't get the hose and fun sprinkler out, but he finally decided to get wet, as did Natalie...but just for a few seconds before she went back to the swing.

After the sprinklers had run through their courses (and the kids enjoyed going to a new spot on the lawn when a new section started up), Lukas built his own sprinkler out of his own parts, and pulled the hose out.

 And when I have four dirty and wet kids at once, three of them are going to go in the tub at the same time (Lukas took a shower).

Tomorrow is supposed to be 97*...might be a repeat of the activity from today!

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