Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yes, we do have four children...

...although sometimes it seems like we focus a lot on one child at a time!  My goal is usually to post something about each child in turn...but often the events of the moment dictate that something different happens.

So back to our regularly scheduled's a little about the third child.

Konrad had been asking for new sunglasses for several months.  A few weeks ago I finally remembered while we were out shopping, and stopped by the children's sunglasses section.  He picked out a pair of Batman sunglasses, which he is modeling for you in this picture. 

And he's done a great job of remembering where he put them, and remembering to ask for them when we go outside...pretty good for not-yet-four years old!  But it almost makes me wonder if he's slightly light sensitive, which seems odd for brown eyes.

In other news, today we took our first walk/bike ride to the post office since Konrad's training wheels came off.  I had Dominik in the stroller and Lukas in front on a bike (Natalie at school!) and Konrad in the middle.  It was a little nerve-wracking, but we arrived home safely.  Once he's an inch taller, it will be a lot easier...but he's developed some habits based on having training wheels (like when he stops and starts) that he has to unlearn since the training wheels are gone.  Great job Konrad!


MommyP said...

How exciting!!!!! Is it just me, or are kids learning how to ride two-wheelers at a younger age now? I think I was 7 when I learned, but we're going out looking for 12" bikes this weekend, since SOMEONE has completely outgrown his trike. We'll see how it goes... Konrad's sunglasses are super cool!

Pudgy Pencils said...

Love the awesome new banner pic, his shades and the fun bike news :)

for what it's worth, mason's big brother is also extremely light sensitive and has brownish/green/hazel colored eyes. no sunglasses generally=meltdown. but his eyes check out fine :)