Monday, November 7, 2011

18 Months

Dominik has turned 18 months!  Twelve months was a milestone for Dominik walking (he started freelance walking at the end of 12 months) and it seems 18 months may be when he starts saying real, understandable words.  This past week he started calling me "Mamma" instead of calling both Tom and me "Dadda."  He's saying "yes" and "no" more clearly, and he throws in a couple other words that are more clear too once in a while.  Of course, most of his communication is still screaming and pointing.  But I was encouraged that he was more receptive to learning to sign "more please" when I tried it this morning.  I had sort of given up on signing when I first started working with him several months ago...I need to get back to it!

Here's what Natalie and Dominik did while Tom took the other boys on errands this weekend.  Dominik is now insisting on wearing a helmet...and the only helmet that fits is Natalie's (she has microcephaly, so she still wears a toddler helmet).  You can tell one thing Dominik will be getting for Christmas!  Natalie wasn't too worried...she was happy with a hoodie...and notice that she is wearing a dress, which means that she used the toilet that morning.  She has really regressed a lot in toilet use since she started school, since she's wearing pull-ups every day to school.  I can only fight so many battles at once, so this is one that I am letting slide.

Another celebration is that the high chair is leaving our house!  We bought another chair for the dining room and finally put Dominik in a booster seat.  That meant we moved everyone's seat at the table around to make it fit, and this is how we finally look.  Tom and I are used to being across from each other at the table, but the short way, so it's a little odd to see him so far away from me as we sit at each end.


Sarah said...

Hurray Dominik!!!! I bet you are so happy to have the highchair outta there =)

- Sarah

MommyP said...

Fun times at your house!!! Sorry about Natalie's potty regression. Stephen had a hard time with the potty at school last year as well, but is good now - I'm sure once she is fully entrenched in using the potty, school won't be an issue for her. I know it's hard on all of you, though.

Dominik is getting to be such a big boy!!