Friday, November 18, 2011

Winding down...

...for Thanksgiving vacation!  We're so excited to be officially on Thanksgiving break.  Natalie has all of next week off (Mon-Wed are furlough days at her school) so we decided homeschool is on break too!

Here are a few of the fun things we've done recently:

Lukas and Konrad made "boot people" from things they found in the garage.

After they posed, they looked again with satisfaction at their creations.

If you need to keep an eye on the 1-year old while you're cleaning out the car, just put him in the car!  He can't run into the street while you're occupied.  Do remember to check that your headlights are in the off position before you go back inside.  Your windshield wipers are guaranteed to be ON, but that doesn't drain your battery like the headlights would. Yes, I remembered to do this...but only because my door alarm sounded because the lights were on!

 I'm sure everyone has a picture of this...but I had to share our lovely turkey girl.  She actually wore her creation for a little while!

And then it was back to the serious business of tracing numbers and letters.  I love these tracing, wipe-off letter and number books (both Natalie and Konrad are getting a lot of use out of them...and I know Dominik will eventually).  I found them at Lakeshore Learning (they have a store in Fountain Valley).

We have a lot to do before Thanksgiving, so I'm glad school is on break to allow us to get everything done!


MommyP said...

A long Thanksgiving break sounds fun!!! My boys both still have school on Monday and Tuesday.

We have those tracing books too - Natalie's grasp on that marker is AWESOME!

Kristin @ Petal and Thorn said...

BOOT PEOPLE! coolest thing i've seen in a long, long time. your kids are so creative!