Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Birthday

You know I have to be prompt in posting pictures of Natalie's birthday...because tomorrow is another birthday in our family.  And that birthday boy has a hard time on Natalie's birthday because he just can't wait two whole days for his birthday to arrive...but enough about that.

The boys and I brought cookies to Natalie's class, and here they are, standing with her at the front while everyone sings Happy Birthday.  It was very cute!  You may note that Dominik has no shoes.  I didn't intend that we stay for the party because all three of the boys have snotty noses, but the teacher said to bring them in from the car, so I did.

For dinner, I gave Natalie the choice of mac and cheese, or pasta with pesto.  She chose pasta with pesto!  Then it was time for cake.  I thought for sure that Natalie would blow out her candle, but no go. 

But she joined in with the excitement!

Cupcakes for everyone!

Dominik kept saying, "noooo" when I asked him if he liked his cupcake.  I don't believe him.

So it's another birthday tomorrow, then the big party with friends on the weekend...aren't birthdays fun!

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