Friday, December 23, 2011

More Christmassy things

Traditions of The Happy Ones:  seeing the Christmas lights in one specific neighborhood, making Christmas cookies.

This is in front of the tree that we've named "The Tree of One Million Lights."  It seems to pulse with the lights on each branch.

This girl throwing a snowball at a boy is part of a larger display with gondola and people skiing on the roof...but Lukas' favorite part is the snowball throwing.

Another family has a zillion lights on their home, AND opens up the curtains to show off their Christmas room inside.

Natalie and I are trying to see everything on the lawn at that same home.

And then there are Christmas cookies.  I thought I was particularly brave to attempt this with four children at the same time (I usually try to do this kind of thing with one or two children at a time...I know my limits).  I am happy to say we are all still alive, and actually had a fun time.  Dominik went for his cookie as soon as it was iced.  Natalie tried to lick the icing off the cookie.

Konrad and Lukas had a little more interest in the cookie decorating...they each decorated 4 or 5, before leaving the rest to me to finish.

A good morning's results!

I have special holiday postings planned for the next two days...depending on the cooperation of the other Happy stay tuned!

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