Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A morning at Pretend City

Last week Tom took a break from his backyard construction (I still need to unveil that on the blog, don't I?) to go with us to Pretend City.  We were so blessed that a friend of his from work gave us five tickets, so we only had to buy one's definitely on the pricey side for a family of 6.  We were there for just under two hours...the rush started at around 11:30 and we had to leave in order to retain our sanity.  Even with two adults, it's hard to keep track of four kids, each going in a different direction, when there are so many other kids too.

Pretend City is a kid-sized city with many places for kids to pretend they're being a grown up.  The whole family loved it.

Dominik spent quite some time mowing with this fireman hat on.  As you will see from the video at the end, this is one of the few times that he had the hat on correctly.

Natalie had fun at the grocery store, buying food.

But she had even more fun at the cafe, making some tasty food!

Konrad like the construction area.  Hmmm...we have pipes like those!

Dominik rode almost every ride-on he's lifting the airplane to make it fly.

Lukas enjoyed checking out the construction area too...

...but what he really liked was earning money.  He was a little disappointed that he couldn't redeem anything for the "money."  But, hey, we can take it home as use it for math lessons!

Dominik enjoyed the control tower.  This is how he holds a telephone--over his shoulder.

And Dr. Konrad was in the hospital keeping everyone healthy.

We've intended to go to Pretend City before, so it's surprising that it's taken us this long to get there.  Definite thumbs up from The Happy Ones!

And here's the video of Dominik, a hat, and a mower. It's really very funny!

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