Sunday, December 4, 2011

Teachers and gluten

Three cheers for a great teacher-parent conference on Friday!  The teacher is finally speaking about Natalie in an acceptable manner:  yes, she's got behavior problems, but she has a lot of smarts too.  On her first report card, Natalie is going to get excellent grades in reading and spelling, average grades in math, and poor grades in behavior, transitions and organizing.  Tom and I hope that the past is behind us and we can move forward with helping Natalie learn how to have self-control and focus.

And on the gluten-free front...Lukas and Natalie went back to gluten food on Friday and Tom and I have seen no difference.  We saw no difference when they were off gluten, and no difference when they were back on gluten.  I am very happy that I don't have to continue with the gluten-free stuff (we eat a lot of whole wheat and whole grains with wheat in our home), and I know Natalie and Lukas are happy too!  I'm glad we tried it, because so many people have seen differences with their kids.  But I'm also glad it's over...just in time for some birthday cake!

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