Thursday, January 5, 2012

20 months, going on 5 years

This is our 20-month old baby, Dominik, fresh out of the bath.  He doesn't hit me when I call him "baby," yet.  He's 20 months old today, but he acts like he's going on 5 years.  Not only is he overly aware of his bodily functions (IMHO) but he likes to wear baseball caps and backpacks like his brothers.  And he's chattering away at me about a million things that are terribly important but are unintelligible.  To me.

The speaking is getting better, with practice.  Believe me when I say he has a HUGE just can't understand what he's saying.  But he understands us!  He understands when he's getting left out of what everyone else is doing, and he doesn't like it.  I think in the past few weeks, the light bulbs have been going on in Dominik's brain that there is a lot of stuff out there to learn and he wants to learn it all NOW.

This kid is so much fun!  I love every age of my kids, because it's fun to watch them learn a new stage.  I had forgotten how much fun 20 months is.  Then I checked on what Konrad was doing at 20 months...I'm happy Dominik is still happy in the baby swing with a restraint.

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