Friday, January 20, 2012

The fort

I need to post more pictures of the fort!  For instance, did you know Tom ordered wood chips the same day I asked him?  I quickly realized that dirt under the fort meant three changes of clothes for the boys every day, the inevitable mud tracked into the house even though we always take our shoes off...we do, don't we?  And Tom was quite responsive...we were planning to eventually have wood chips in the play area (which means maybe by the end of the month), but the popularity of the fort meant it should happen sooner than later.

What do you think?  I think we have too many wood chips!

Here the wood chips have been spread out over the whole play area, about 6" thick, and it's still too many wood chips.  We think the wood chip delivery man was a little generous.

The little wall on the right side will eventually be a climbing wall, and hanging to the left of it from that tall beam will be a climbing net.

On the left side, a climbing rope will be hanging from the tall beam.  We're trying to give the kids lots of opportunities to climb, since they're not big enough to climb the trees in our front yard yet (without a lift up).

Can I just say that I LOVE THIS FORT!?  The boys are now playing in the backyard exclusively during morning recess time, which means I can be working in the kitchen instead of sitting out in the front yard making sure they don't get kidnapped.  The one thing we're working on is the swing under the fort...that has become the hot item.

Now we just need a warm evening so the boys can sleep in the fort overnight!

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Kristin @ Petal and Thorn said...

amazing! i need to pass this on to joe for inspiration. he has a few years to start drawing up plans :)