Monday, February 27, 2012

Our first pets

We finally have two pets at The Happy Ones!  For Lukas' birthday, Tom and I bought him a fish tank, and then he got to pick out two fish, so we officially have pets!  (Of course, Lukas barely remembers our dear departed cat, Abby...mostly when we see pictures or old video of her).  I've often said--usually when a child asks for a dog or a cat--that we won't have another pet until I don't have to change any more diapers.  There's only so much bodily waste that a person can deal with each day.  But a fish, or two fish, seems to be an easy concession to this statement.  And Lukas appears to want to be responsible in this endeavor!

Here he is, home from the pet store with his fish.

Lukas was a very generous big brother to let Konrad name one of the fish.  Konrad named the orange fish "Mack" and Lukas named the white fish "Spotty" because it has orange spots.

The fish tank is out of reach of Dominik's crib...barely.  Check back to see if Dominik chucks something into the fish tank..."here fishy fishy!"  Anyone want to make a bet?

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