Saturday, February 25, 2012

The party

We started the tradition that our children might have birthday parties with friends every-other-year...and then Tom built a fort in the backyard and we decided that in order to christen the fort, we needed to have a party and lo and behold it was time for Lukas' birthday, so Lukas got a party this year when it was supposed to be his "off" year.  I don't know...we had so much fun that we might just break our tradition and have a party in the backyard every year after all.

Tom was in charge of the games for this "all-boy" party and he did a great job!

The first game was a challenge:  if someone could climb the rope to the top and take off a metal washer, they would win $5.  Luke came really close, but couldn't quite make it.  We were worried that we might get quite a few winners, but we got to keep our money.

Now the boys are on a scavenger hunt in the backyard.  They're all gathered around Tom because he's been giving hints of where some of the last items are hidden.

They're counting the items they found to see who wins the prizes.

These were the winners of the tug o' war challenge...

...and this was the team that tried real hard but couldn't quite make it.

The other games were a relay race and the telephone game.    And then it was time for lunch!  Tom grilled the hotdogs ahead of time, wrapped them--in buns--in foil and put them in a warmed picnic cooler and they were still hot when it was time for lunch.  Grab and easy with so many kids!

Since it was a little windy outside, we came inside to light the candles on the cake and sing to Lukas.  I wanted to just buy a cake at Costco, but Lukas wanted me to bake a cake "because yours tastes better, Mom."  Hey, if Lukas really wants me to bake that cake, I will.

Oh yeah, Dominik was there too...he loves carrots!  Yes, I know this is a choking hazard.  Please tell yourself this doesn't happen very often.

All the boys gathered for a group shot at the fort.

Micah, Lukas and Court posing for a shot...

...reminded me of this picture of Micah and Lukas about 7 years ago!  I look forward to seeing how all the boys will look in another 7 years.

Natalie enjoys any party with balloons and cake!

Konrad had a hard time keeping up with the older boys at the party.  He cried a lot but looks back on the party as a fun time!

And that ends the week of Lukas' birthday.  Life can now return to normal and I will try to catch up and post pictures from our San Diego trip last weekend.

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