Sunday, March 4, 2012

A hot weekend

As I'm typing this blog post, the air conditioner turned's 77 degrees in our house!  Of course I ran to turn it off since it will cool down to 51 tonight after being 89 outside.  Yesterday was only 80 and I thought that was hot!  It was fun that the nice weather coincided with a weekend family outing to Things That Go Up.  We saw electric controlled airplanes, kites, balloons, bubbles...

...Dominik checked out the Segway.  He wasn't cleared to drive since he doesn't have a driver's license.

And frisbee-catching dogs!

A stilt-walker!

Then it was off to play at a nearby playground.  This was the small slide...the big slide was very fast and too scary for Dominik to try.

Lukas and Dominik rode the see-saw with another girl...

Then Natalie tried the see-saw with a different girl.

No, our kids are getting big!

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