Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Miss Smartypants

I'm falling behind in keeping up with some of the kids' progress!  Natalie got her report card last week, so I'll start with her.  The report card gives a grade of 1 (below grade level), 2 (approaching grade level), 3 (meets  grade level) or 4 (excels at grade level).  Natalie got mostly 3s for reading, with one 4 for reading high frequency/sight words!  I think her teacher is a little amazed at how many sight words Natalie knows.  Natalie scored 1s for comprehension and telling a story she can verbally read the story to you, and I'm pretty sure she understands the story, but we haven't figured a way for her to demonstrate what she understands.

She received 2s for writing, and a 3 for "speaking in complete sentences."  Every time I see a speech grade like that, I'm amazed!

Math is a little harder for her, so she received more 2s, a few 3s, and a 1 for "understanding simple addition."  We're not quite sure that she understands addition concepts, but we're continuing to work on it from every angle.

The last area of reporting is behavior.  She got mostly Ns for needs improvement and a few Us for unsatisfactory (like "displays self-control")  We're still working on that!  But she did get one O for outstanding, that was up from an S last time:  "follows school rules."  Her teacher said that Natalie doesn't push to the front of the line, she does give the trike to the next student without having a fit, that change in behavior earned her an O.


Jacqui said...

You are just brilliant, Nathalie, you are so inspiring! Well done. We celebrate with you Cindy.

MommyP said...

Sounds like school is going well! I'm amazed at what all they expect kids to know in kindergarten these days - yikes! I think math is really hard too. :-(

Jessica said...

She is doing so well..