Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Potty update

Before this week, Natalie has been attending school in underwear, with a pull-up over.  And she never uses the toilet at school, even though her one-on-one aide takes her on a regular basis.  She has accidents on a regular basis at school.  Before spring break, I talked to the principal, and we both agreed it was time to have Natalie attend school with underwear, no pull-up.  Then she called me back and said higher ups wouldn't approve Natalie attending without a pull-up, for hygienic reasons.  I was slightly upset but didn't want to make a big deal about it, because Natalie does refuse to use the toilet at school.

So from the moment she left school on April 13, Natalie was in underwear during every waking moment.  We drove 2 hours to our campsite in the desert...underwear the whole way.  We got her to use the camp toilet (with the help of the potty alarm) the whole time we were there.  She came home and kept using the toilet at home...she even used the toilet at church for the first time.  Sunday, when I started to write up what we'd done so the aide could continue, it just made me more and more sick to think about putting her in a pull-up again and having her regress.

Instead of writing a note to her aide, we wrote a letter to the district rep and the principal stating we were keeping her out of school until we could talk to them about her attending without a pull-up.  If they didn't approve of her attending without a pull-up, we requested an emergency IEP to discuss.  The email went Sunday afternoon.  Natalie stayed home on Monday morning.  Lukas and Konrad did their normal homeschool and Natalie read books.  I intended to work with her on writing and math after I was done instructing Lukas, but Natalie's principal called at 9:30 a.m.  They would "give it a try."  Whoo hoo!

Natalie was at school at 10 a.m.  The aide is instructed to take her every 60-90 minutes, and if she hasn't eliminated by 90 minutes, take her ever 15 minutes until success.  Natalie gets to choose her dress and wear Disney princess underwear in the morning, but if she has an accident, she gets changed into plain underwear and a shirt and pants.  No princess underwear or dress until the next day.  This is a motivator for her!  She's not really into treats or rewards...the clothing is her motivator.  Natalie stayed dry yesterday at school, but didn't use the toilet.  When I picked her up at noon, I took her to the toilet and she had a success. 

Today, she went to school at 8 a.m. (potty at home at 7:30) and stayed dry all day but once again didn't use the toilet at school.  I tried her when I picked her up but she didn't go...but she did when we came home.  So the plan tomorrow is to give her more liquids at home and at school so she can't hold it...she definitely has good muscles!

At home, Natalie is staying dry all day...but still #2 accidents in the evening.  We're so proud of her for the progress she's made.  All the RTS parents who have said "underwear only" are definitely right!  Look for more updates in this continuing saga!


Sarah said...

Wow Cindy THAT IS SO AWESOME! I BET you guys are proud. I am too. She's such a sweet heart and I'm sure the school is thankful she's not having accidents either =)

- Sarah

Kelly said...

AnnaKate as been in underwear since Dec 25. She is doing really well too...accidents here and there and #2 accidents a lot more in the evening. We like the training underwear because they are thick and accidents usually stay contained. I am so glad your school is helping now. Do not turn back!


MommyP said...

Woo Hoo!! Go Natalie! Once she has that breakthrough at school, she'll have it down like a pro. It is definitely NOT easy.

Jacqui said...

Yes, yes, yes... Just keep looking forward. Well done Natalie!