Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two-year check-up

Our baby is growing up!  Dominik's two-year check-up (timed so Lukas and Natalie were both at school so I just had Konrad and Dominik) was yesterday and I need to record it before I forget!

Just shy of one yard, Dominik is 35 1/2" tall (75-90%) and weighs 29 pounds (50-75%).  We talked a little about his lactose intolerance, and that I need to introduce small amounts of milk to see if he is still lactose intolerant. But no concerns...he's doing great! 

I had been concerned a few months ago about his lack of speech, but he's definitely shown us he knows how to talk.  In the car before we went to the doctor's appointment, he said, "Mama, want glasses on" (he likes to wear Konrad's sunglasses).  He says "help me" a lot when he wants shoes on, or when he has shoes on and wants sandals instead.  There is a lot of "Dominik-speak" that most might not understand, but I'm thrilled to understand a lot of what he says.  Of course, there are still a lot of I have no idea what he's saying moments.  Keep growing, boy!

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