Monday, June 18, 2012

It wouldn't be summer without...

...a trip to the ER, right? Monday morning we were at a playground for a playdate with friends and Konrad asked me to push him on the thing you hang from, and slide back and forth on a track.  After I pushed him a couple times, he let go and hit his mouth on the metal step at the end.  Ouch! 

Thankfully, Tom could pick Natalie up from school while I took the three boys to the ER.  We were in and out in two hours, and Konrad received five stitches.  He was such a trooper, and the hospital did a great job of keeping him calm: lots of numbing gel so he couldn't feel anything, more numbing shots before the stitches were put in, with the Child Life lady holding an iPad so Konrad could watch the video of his choice while his mouth got stitched.  He chose SpongeBob.  AND he went home with a toy:  Legos.

Just so he doesn't WANT to split his lip to get all the hospital perks!

Within two minutes of checking in, Lukas said, "Hospitals really freak me out."  Yeah, I know...even though Lukas has only BEEN in the hospital for his own sickness/injury when he was a newborn and again at 18 months, so he has no personal memory of hospital care.  I think he's anxious for all the hospital visits Natalie has had.  So I was quite happy that they had Wii in the waiting area...Lukas played Wii the whole time Konrad was getting stitched.

Home for lunch, then off to the dentist in the afternoon to check Konrad's teeth, since the ER doctor said they had been knocked.  The dentist said the teeth are a little loose, but they should recover within 6 weeks or so.  Once again, Lukas got to play video games in the waiting room...great positive reinforcement! 

We're so glad Konrad doesn't have any permanent damage from the fall.

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