Saturday, August 4, 2012

Impulse purchase

I took Natalie and Dominik to Costco this morning to get a few staples...and because I pushed the cart through an area I don't usually frequent, I ended up making an impulse purchase.  But it's been almost eight hours and I still don't regret the purchase, so it's ok, right?

I asked Lukas if he was ok that I didn't get him a costume...there was nothing in his size.  He said it was ok, and he went and got his cowboy hat, capgun and a broom (to stand in for a horse).  I'm so excited that the Ariel costume is just short enough so Natalie won't trip on it...both she and Konrad will get at least a year's use out of the costume.  Dominik might not be able to wear his dragon costume for a whole year, but he sure loves it now and looks so cute!

Quite a handsome Spidey, don't you think?  Konrad is ALWAYS asking for Spiderman things (even though he's never seen the show) so I knew he would love this.

Dominik decided he wanted to try the Spiderman will be his when Konrad outgrows it, but right now it is way too long (note rolled-up ankles).

Konrad has basically worn the costume all day...and even wanted to play Wii with it on.

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