Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Last Day of Summer Vacation

Summer.  It is so wonderful, but unfortunately doesn't last forever, and school starts again.  It's inevitable.  It happens every year, just like the sun rising every morning.  Finally the sun sets on the last day of summer vacation, and the next day, life is all about school for 9 months.  Sigh.

Here's what we did on the last day of summer vacation.

Well, ok, this was the night before the last day of summer vacation.  Konrad went to bed early so Tom and I stayed up playing Monopoly with Lukas until 9 p.m. (that's late for him).  I'd forgotten what a great game it is for quick math skills and for paying attention!

Today, Natalie doing her favorite thing.

She's really gotten more into swinging "like a big girl", as she says.  Those are the boys behind her, watching the trash truck pick up the neighbor's trash.

Then the neighbors came over to play.  That's Natalie in the foreground and Marilyn in the background.

And there was a whole lot of Lego playing going on this summer!

Also on the last day, we walked to Natalie's school and she used the toilet there that she'll be using this year!  I was so proud of her!  I'm so excited for her going full days now...the past week, she's refused to go to her room for a "cat nap", which is very new for her...I think she's ready to go to school all day!

Today I also finalized my lesson plans for third grade, kindergarten and preschool.  When I see the lesson plans all laid out on my spreadsheet, I think we can do it!

Tomorrow, school!


MommyP said...

It's crazy for me to think you all are just starting school and we've been going for 3 weeks! I hope ALL of you have a great first day!!

Cindy said...

I seems like everyone else in the world has already started!