Saturday, September 15, 2012

When the weather is over 100 degrees...

...the days activities need to include water!

We've had 101 (38 C) degree weather yesterday and today, so this is some of what we did to make the weather useful.  The kids actually come in cold:  because the air is so dry from the Santa Ana weather condition, there's a ton of evaporative cooling on them.  Tomorrow is only supposed to be 87 degrees (30 C), so it will be much more tolerable but still hot.  Hey, it's a dry heat, right?

 Lots of sprinkler play!  Natalie got wet briefly then went to her regular play on her swing (above).

Lukas tried to run the swing into the sprinkler.

Konrad is getting the slip n slide down!

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Tarah Peacock said...

100 degree weather sure is hot! These pictures make me want to get out my sprinkler's.