Friday, November 16, 2012

First and Last Time

Today I bought Hostess Twinkies and Ding Dongs so our children could eat them the first and last time.  Tom and I both remember eating them as a child (I had to sneakily buy them at school because my parents would never let me eat such junk).  I have to say they tasted a lot better when I was a kid...I think it's definitely an acquired taste.

For the record, Lukas liked the Ding Dongs better than the Twinkies; Natalie hasn't yet tried the Twinkies since she just got home from school and two snack cakes in one sitting IS more junk than I will feed my kids; Konrad refused to eat a Twinkie (since I called the filling creme...he doesn't eat anything with creme in the name)...I had to tell him the filling of the Ding Dong was frosting to get him to eat it, and then he only ate half and handed the rest back to me; I asked Dominik which he liked better and he pointed to the Ding Dongs.  I always liked the Twinkies best, but now they both taste fake to me.

Lukas says, "if they're fake, what are they made of?"  I don't use the term "fake food" enough...we just don't eat much fake food.

But I thought this was an important cultural lesson:  my kids will not be able to sneak Twinkies and Ding Dongs (I'm sure they'll sneak other stuff), but Twinkies and Ding Dongs will continue to be part of our language...and who knows if today's event even means their meanings will change?


Patty said...

What a fun treat! I'm sure Stephen has had some sort of Hostess treat before, so I don't feel too badly that he can't have anything now with the diet... I hope the kids liked their treats!!

Sawyer said...

It's funny you mentioned they tasted better when you were a kid, I feel the same way. I had a ding dong awhile ago and did not like it at all. Although I do feel I need to eat some crumb doughnuts before it's too late.