Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Day of Costumes

Quick, before I wait another day, here are the kids in their costumes!  We went to Light the Night at Calvary Church and the kids had a lot of fun.  It's so enjoyable that we can go to something like that without a's still crazy, but no stroller!

Here's what our tired crew looked like AFTER (since we forgot to take a BEFORE picture).  Not bad!

Well, ok, I did take one BEFORE picture of Natalie, with her hair clip and gloves (Ariel costume) since I knew she wouldn't wear it very long.  Doesn't she look cute?  I put them on while she was watching TV and she wore them surprisingly long...20 minutes!

 Here's Konrad riding the surf board at the carnival.

And Lukas...he was brave enough to stand up.

Natalie getting ready to throw the ball...she has a good overhand these days!

I didn't get a side view of Dominik's dragon costume but he's still cute...he went around roaring and saying, "I scare you!"

 I have to include Tom's costume for his work party at lunch since it was a prize winner.  He is Mayhem.  Yes, he did run over his shirt with his car.


Sarah said...

Go Tom!!!!! His costume definitely deserved the win!

Patty said...

LOL! How fun!! Tom has a great costume, and the kids look awesome - where was your costume, though? ;-)