Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Cookies, Part 2

We have been decorating cookies most of this Christmas Eve.  I did venture to the grocery store and was pleasantly surprised to find it busy but not crazy busy.

Tonight we're going to a Christmas Eve concert at a church nearby, then coming home for a dinner of fondu.  Since Jordana is used to celebrating more on Christmas Eve, we're each going to open one gift tonight, listen to a lot of German Christmas songs, and then celebrate in the morning as we usually do.

Jordana spent a lot of time decorating!  It's so cool to have a teenager in the kitchen!

Konrad decorated more than any other kid, but we didn't get a picture of him!  So here's Dominik instead.

And for posterity's sake, here are just a few of the 5 or 6 dozen cookies we decorated!  So much fun!

Merry Christmas!

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