Monday, January 21, 2013

Pinewood Derby

One of Lukas' favorite things about Cub Scouts so far was the Pinewood Derby held last week.  Lukas came up with a design for his car, Tom and Scoutmaster Carlo helped Lukas shape it, and then Tom showed Lukas how to sand and paint it.  Lukas' idea was a "sports car"...a car with stickers on it of various sports.

 That's Lukas on the left in the back, and his car is the blue one, third from the left.
Lukas is setting up his car for a race--love the tongue!

All the parents lined up to take pictures.  That's me in the doorway with the video camera.

Alas, Lukas did not win...even though a replay on our video camera makes it appear to us that he won his first race, someone else got the win.  But he had a lot of fun building and racing the car...better outcome next time!

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Sawyer said...

Cool car Lukas! My scouts and I are getting ready for our Pinewood Derby next month. It's always a lot of fun.