Monday, February 4, 2013

More flowers at Descanso

This is the time of the year for camellias at Descanso Gardens, so we joined Chris and Jim for a wet afternoon there.  It never rains in California, right?  We had the kids wear rain jackets, just in case...very glad we did, because the rain ended up driving us out, but not before we enjoyed the beautiful gardens.

I love this picture of of the few outdoor pictures where her Transition lenses don't hide her eyes.  She's with one of the camellias that Descanso is known for.

 Konrad the rock climber.

The art pavilion (which apparently has art that is inappropriate for children) had an erasable wall for kids to draw on.  Dominik was cracking me up with his graffiti over the top of what other people drew.  Natalie is looking for a spot...or checking out the art that's already there.

She found her spot.

 Great art, Natalie!

 I had to include this, even though Natalie is blurred...she did such a great job drawing herself with a flower, and writing her name (she ends her signature with a "3", since she is the third in line at class).

More of the artwork we left, but Lukas and Konrad.
"Love" spelled in camellia petals...Natalie loved reading it.

So great to visit Chris and Jim and make memories at the garden!


Patty said...

What a beautiful place, and I can't even tell you how happy it made me to see Natalie writing and drawing like that. Please tell her that her friend Stephen says good job, and she is a good artist!!

Sawyer said...

Natalie is an artist! Love all of the pictures.