Friday, March 15, 2013

Snow Day!

This happened last month, but more snow has fallen in the meantime...and melted.  We made it to the mountains this year!  Here's the proof.

One of the first runs for our family:  Konrad and Natalie.

Jordana and I setting up the kids on the sleds.

Dominik was so funny!  He got spattered with a little flying snow on the first ride down, so on every ride that followed, he put his hands in front of his face to protect himself.

Time to rest and refuel!

Now after lunch it's so warm, no coat is really needed.  Dominik is helping me build a snowman.

Jordana built a snowman too!

Natalie loves posing with her friend.

And of course the snow fights...

I tried to get Natalie to make a snow angel by making shade for her from the bright sun...but she didn't quite get it.  And the snow was a little wet, so it was harder to push.

And more snow fights...

Dominik didn't quite get the snow angel concept.

 But he looks pretty angelic anyway!

Lukas sliding down a hill without a was pretty steep!

What a fun day!  So our California kids got a little snow play in this year.

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