Monday, April 1, 2013

Go Angels!

Was it the first pre-season game?  Maybe that's why the Angels didn't play great?  But we had a fun time anyway!

Lukas made a sign and all the boys ate cotton candy (Natalie doesn't like any candy except chocolate).

Natalie did great navigating the steps on the way back from the toilet...but I'm still watching her!

I love this pic of the boys, especially Dominik's scrunchy smile!

Natalie mostly snuggled with me, but she did sit with Tom for a bit.

She was ready to leave by the 2nd inning...until I pulled the iPhone out.  She quietly played games until we left after the 7th inning.

Lukas was determined to be on the big screen because of his dancing...but unfortunately it didn't happen.

I love this happy pic of Lukas!

Tom took pics of the kids under the big hats outside the stadium.  Fun baseball night, even though the Angels lost :(.

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Patty said...

The picture of Natalie with her Dad is priceless. It looks like everyone had a lot of fun!!!