Thursday, July 18, 2013

Random summer shots

We are still taking pictures, so we're still blogging!  Here are some random shots of our past week.

Natalie loves to watch me cook, and she often asks me to lift her so she can see what I'm cooking.  She's almost tall enough to see without help!

As I'm getting older, I think I'm getting less stingy with band-aids.  Or maybe it's because I realized I have 3 boxes of "Cars" band-aids left, and Dominik is the only one who will wear them (can you believe Konrad won't wear them anymore????), so when Dominik showed me several scratches from yard work, I was generous (three on the arm, two on the leg).  Usually I would have said he didn't need a band-aid, or maybe one of the scratches warranted a band-aid.

We had a relaxing mid-week backyard dinner: hamburgers and grilled corn on the cob.  That and peaches are about all I ask of summer!

Tom took Lukas and Konrad to Adventure Playground (where are the pics, Honey?) while I took Natalie and Dominik to a playground that was more their speed.  Lots of climbing!

We've taken a couple bike trips around the block.  Dominik says, "I need to pedal more so I can ride a bike!"  See that bike in the foreground?  It's going to have a new owner soon!  And Konrad is going to move up to Lukas' bike soon, which means...  Don't anyone tell them, ok?

As we are playing after dinner, I am often inspired by the warm glow of the evening sun to try to pose our kids for a tree shot...but the sun is harsh on the photo and on their eyes.  We should try another time of day!

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Patty said...

Look at you, Super Mom!!! Holding Natalie while you cook... Stephen gets too squirrely, and just wants to eat everything as I'm cooking, lol! Sounds like you all are having a fun summer. :-)