Saturday, November 30, 2013

Two-month wrap up

Before the month is out, I must post again!  I'd like to catch up on what we've been doing the past two months (besides blogging) and then move forward with what's happening right now.  When we last left you in October, talking about our trip in August/September, Tom was offered a job in another state.  He started the new job and the kids and I stayed back to sell the house.  We didn't know how long it would take to sell the house, but we ended up closing in mid-November and arrived in our new home state in time to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving!

We took a weekend to visit Tom's Uncle Olav.  What a great time we had seeing him!

Then we saw some of our favorite places in San Diego...Sea World!


...and the Midway.

Then we spent several weeks out of our home during house showings...I had to be creative on where to take the kids on the very hot and windy days.

We climbed the trees one more time...

...and visited a pumpkin patch.

We tried on old costumes...

...and new costumes.

I took Konrad on a date to the Lego Store...

...and we went to the beach, one more time.

And then we moved!  Here are the kids, the second night in our rental home.  Since this photo, our furniture has arrived and we have settled in nicely (which is why I'm finally taking time to blog). We will be moving again in a few months, to the house a few miles away that we are in the process of buying.

 But I will try to keep up with happenings from now on...until something else major happens, I guess.

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