Monday, May 21, 2007

Das Boot

This weekend we finished watching the director's cut of Das Boot, a film about a German submarine during WWII. Tom had seen the theatrical version several times before, but had been wanting to see the director's cut (an additional 90 minutes, I think) for some time, so we got it on Netflix and watched it over the course of two evenings. We watched it in German with English subtitles (much better than watching a dubbed English version).

I really enjoyed it: the suspense was great and we cared for the characters, but it's not the kind of movie I want to see again real soon. After it was over, I said, "Ok, we don't have to watch that again for a while, right?" Tom said, "No, probably not until Lukas is 18 or so."

Hey, that's 15 years!

We checked to make sure the next movie in our queue is not a war movie. It's Chicken Little, for Lukas.


Singletasker said...

I like Netflix. They have better selection than Blockbuster on line. Rob and I saw some rare movies from Netflix such as Sophie Scholl(German movie about a girl who wrote against the Nazi) and Sunflower(Italian movie about during the WWII). I highly recommend Sophie Scholl.

Cindy said...

Yes, better selection is why we picked Netflix. I think Sophie Scholl is in our queue, but we have 80 movies in our queue, so at the rate of one a week (if we're lucky), we might see it in the next two years. :)