Monday, May 21, 2007


Saturday after our garage sale (why do people even bother coming after 9 am...all the good stuff is gone!) we went to our church's first ever (hopefully annual) Hoedown, planned by Carla and Carl. It was a lot of fun! Tom helped cook the tri-tip and I helped with drinks while Natalie smiled at everyone and Lukas ran back and forth from the church at least 50 times to pour water down the storm drain (Tom finally got him a bucket of water to keep him from getting fatigued to early). Once again, we are indebted to people who remembered to bring their cameras and graciously took pictures of our kids (Carla and Jim).

After the fun started, Tom and I actually got to square dance through one set. Cheryl played with Natalie and Lukas ran around in circles with the other kids. It was the perfect family event...everyone could participate. I was suprised that this was the first time Tom had ever square danced. I've done it 5-6 times, but maybe that's because I went to high school and my first two years of college in Texas.

Lukas' favorite thing was to chew on straw from the straw bales. Some of the other kids thought this wasn't good, but I figure, hey, that's what he'd be doing if we lived on a farm, right? I checked to make sure he wasn't swallowing it, and he said he wasn't. But this doesn't mean I'm going to give him chewing gum!

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