Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dr. Lukas

Lukas' ear looks great today so the ear infection has subsided. I'm glad that our pediatrician takes the wait and see approach with ear infections...when I've brought him in before, she's given me an RX for antibiotics, but tells me to only fill it if his ear is still red in 3-4 days. So I don't bother taking him in to the doctor for an ear infection...I just watch it and so far they've always turned around pretty quickly.

He's pretty agreeable to having his ears checked, because I always let him look in my ears with the otoscope (without the tip on) after I check his ears. I called him Dr. Lukas a couple weeks ago and now he always says, "I'm Dr. Lukas. Let me check your ears." He looks in my ear and either says, "Looks good" or "Looks pretty good!" Such a nice bedside manner!

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