Monday, May 14, 2007

First Harvest

Saturday morning, Lukas harvested the first things from our garden this year...radishes. BTW, radishes are the best thing to plant for kids to watch since the seed-to-eat time is the shortest of any food I know (let me know if you know of one that's faster!)

He was excited to pull a few radishes from the ground, then 30 minutes later when we had lunch and I had cut up a radish to go with our sandwich on each one's plate, he said, "Look, apples!" We told him they weren't apples and asked him what he pulled out of the ground. He couldn't remember the name, but I'm sure he'll remember the next time. He ate one of the quarters happily, then said, "It's a little too spicy." I told him he didn't have to eat any more. Then a few minutes later he popped another quarter radish in his mouth and said, "It's not too spicy after all."

We should have zucchini ready to harvest at the end of this week--planted from plants, not seed.

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