Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jaegerhaus Dinner

My birthday is this week so Cindy took me out for dinner tonight. I chose to go to the Jaegerhaus Restaurant in Anaheim for some authentic German food. I was thinking of sauerbraten or (Weiner, rahm or jaeger) schnitzel, but as we entered the restaurant I noticed that their specials included Elk. Now that is not on every menu. I had spaetzle noodles and green beans with my Elk, and Cindy had duck with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. We topped it off with a slice of black forest cake. Cousin D has commented that he likes German folk music. If you are reading this, is it the old school polka kind, or the echoey synthesizer type of music? They played the latter at the restaurant.


Singletasker said...

Happy Birthday, Tom! So did you like the Elk? What did it taste like?

Anonymous said...

Thank you! The elk was slightly gamy, and the pieces were either tender or a little chewy. They also regularly serve wild boar and deer.