Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On the move

Natalie's latest accomplishment is to get from all fours to sitting...her therapist even saw her do it today during therapy. She's doing a great job rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, and takes one step with a hand before falling. She still enjoys scooting backward on her belly.

Today Natalie clapped her hands together for the first time...but then didn't do it again. She likes to hold our hands and clap them together, but she doesn't clap her own hands.

I think she has 12 teeth: in the front, four on top and four on the bottom, then skip a tooth and one molar on each side, top and bottom. She's still drooling like crazy...we have to put extra lotion on her chin because of the rash she gets from her drool...so there might be more teeth in her future.

Natalie's favorite thing is to play with Lukas. She laughs and laughs at his antics and loves to participate as much as she can.


Anonymous said...

Cindy, Your mention about the rash made me think of a product that someone recommended we use for drool rashes. I'm going from memory, but I think it was called Aquaphor? It was great stuff and really worked well to heal as well as to protect the skin from drool. It was a little pricey, but worth it.


Cindy said...

Yep, we use Eucerin...same company, but the product is a little more lotion-like and a little less greasy than Aquaphor. Walgreens has a store-brand version of Eucerin which is much less expensive. It has been a lifesaver for Lukas' eczema and works great for Natalie's drool rashes. Thanks Cheryl!