Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tom's List of Trivia

I lived in the “valley” when I was kid and went to school with real celebrities. Susan Olsen was in the same grade, but a different class, for one year at my elementary school (She was tutored after the Brady Bunch took off). Hillary Momberger who did the voice of Sally Brown in the Peanuts Cartoons was also in my grade, but in a different class. Foster Sylvers, of the music group The Sylvers was in my PE class. And lastly, the kid who did the Campbell’s Soup ads was also in my PE class. Wow, talk about rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

I took a girl on our second date to watch the very first space shuttle landing. I was used to going out to the desert so we had an awning, chairs and an ice chest to keep us comfortable. Yes, she did go out with me again. She ended up dating me for another year.

My first car was a yellow 1964 VW with a few modifications. It had 1.967 liter engine with duel Porsche 40 PII Solex carbs, superdif transmission, sway bars and Porsche 356 B model aluminum brakes (Steel sleeves inside aluminum). I could drop the engine by myself in 20 minutes.

I grew up eating, among other things, liverwurst, liver and onions, and beef tongue. I still eat liverwurst.

I have been to 45 National Parks/Monuments including Mount Lassen Volcanic National Park and Great Basin National parks, which are down at the bottom of the list for visitation.

I have never received a traffic ticket. I have been warned and “walked” home before, but never cited.

My grandfather on my dad’s side was born in Transylvania.

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