Thursday, May 17, 2007

It happens all the time in the hospital...

...but this is the first time it's happened at the home of The Happy Ones. This evening as we were sitting down to dinner I mindlessly put Natalie's reflux medicine in Lukas' mouth.

As I think back, Lukas looked a little puzzled, but opened his mouth. Then Tom said, "Do you realize what you just did?" I came to and said, "No, spit it out!" Then I realized it wouldn't harm Lukas and would create more of a mess than anything (it was in the form of a dissolvable tablet and he spits things out too much already), so I said, "No, just swallow it." So he did.

I remember thinking less of a nurse who switched the medicine of Natalie and the child she shared a room with in the hospital while recovering from pneumonia. The mistake was caught in time, before the medicine was administered (since I was giving it to her, I said, "This doesn't look like what she normally has"). Now I've been re-reminded that people in a rush can make mindless errors. We're human.

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