Monday, May 28, 2007

Two birds with one stone...

We usually visit my sister Rose and her husband Gary twice a year. They live at Hume Lake in Sequoia Forest, which is about a six hour drive. This year Tom had the great idea of going up to Yosemite a few days early, camping, then visiting Rose and Gary. Yosemite is just another couple hours up the road, so it was great to combine the two trips. But it made for a very long first day!

We camped at Wawona, which is inside Yosemite Park, but about 40 minutes from Yosemite Valley. The good thing about this camp is that the campsites are not 12 feet square, like they might be in Yosemite Valley (only a slight exaggeration). The bad thing is the drive. We arrived Wednesday night, drove to YV in the morning, then drove back to our campsite after lunch. The driving was tiring after walking around with tired kids...and I think the elevation affected me a little more than it usually does. We walked to Yosemite Falls and had lunch at the base of El Capitan (couldn't spot any rock climbers).

Thursday afternoon we played in the Fresno River, which runs right through the campsite (another benefit...the sound of running water drowns out the sound of screaming children). Lukas had a hard time both mornings and devolved into tantrums. After the fits were over he had a great time.

Friday morning we broke camp, stopped at a historic train site (look for Tom to blog on this later), and drove to Hume Lake. Rose and Gary's sons, Justin and Darren, arrived to join us for a day.

Saturday we watched Cars, then walked around Hume Lake. Sunday we walked around the development, then played in Hume Lake. Monday, we came home. That's what we did! It was a very relaxing stay at my sister's...basically because we didn't drive anywhere! Here are some pictures (generally in order of the story above).

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Hechung said...

Oh wow, the pictures are gorgeous. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.