Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Day After

Today we stayed home and recuperated from the trip (eight loads of laundry) and illness. Last night Lukas complained of ear pain for the first time, so I checked his ears with my handy dandy otoscope. Sure enough, he has an ear infection in the right ear. That would partly explain his poor behavior over the past few days. He had a cough at my sister's that kept us up most of the last night we were there, but I didn't take the otoscope with us on the trip and never suspected an ear infection.

This morning I again made sure he had pain relief after I saw that his ear was even more red than last night, and we talked about what the expectations are for his behavior. Today he was more obedient than he's been in a week, so it was a much better day!

I commented to Tom today that I find it so odd that Lukas was almost two before he had his first ear infection, but now he seems to have them a couple times a year. I always thought that kids had them more as infants and then outgrew them. I salute whoever invented Motrin!

I forgot to take Pediasure on our trip, so I didn't even try to feed Natalie any thickened milk by mouth: she had formula in the tube and baby food by mouth the whole trip. This morning I mixed up a sippy cup of Pediasure and thickened milk and she drank 4 ounces with the least amount of resistance in a long time. She drank another ounce at lunch and 3 ounces at snacktime, but with more resistance then. I don't feel like she lost any sucking/swallowing ability in the past week.

The kids had fun playing together: this morning in the living room, after Lukas' 3 hour nap in his bed (his request to play with Natalie), then in the backyard and the sandbox. Natalie makes a lot of noise when playing with Lukas...she loves it!

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