Monday, June 18, 2007


It's a tie between Lukas and Natalie over who loves balloons more. Lukas always inspects the checkout lanes at our local grocery store to see if they have any of the free balloons ready to give away. Today there weren't any at our checkout lane, but the checker went to the next lane and snagged balloons for the kids, without even being asked (she recognized Lukas). She just gave him a grouping of three balloons, so I gave one to Natalie to hold while it was still attached to the rest that Lukas was holding. Then she went to another lane and snagged a group of two more balloons and gave those to Natalie so they could each have their own group of balloons.

Here's Natalie's having a great time with her balloons. Too bad they only last a day...I have to make sure to dispose of the balloons before the morning or the kids will try to play with dead balloons all day tomorrow, which causes great confusion underfoot.

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BoggyWoggy said...

Pretty, pretty baby!