Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day Part III

Tonight we had a nice dinner with Tom's parents at their house. Tom grilled tri-tip, which is his new favorite thing to serve, and I made zucchini (from our garden) and onions, rice, and tomato salad (also from our garden.)

Slap my hand...I brought the camera but forgot to get any pictures.

Lukas had a great time watching old Tom and Jerry cartoons on Grandpa's new TV. He was completely enthralled. Seeing decent cartoons might be one reason to get cable, but we still are among the less than 5% of residents of Orange County who don't have cable or satellite TV...I keep saying, "for the next Olympics, we'll get cable" but we've never had time to watch that much TV!

Natalie fed herself puffed wheat cereal while we were getting dinner ready. She liked it, but it's more of a challenge than Cheerios because it's smaller. We always carry this portable high chair in the back of the van for visiting family and friends, and in case a restaurant doesn't have a suitable high chair.

Ok, Father's Day is done until next year! (Except for some day in December when a new baby will be born...then it will be Father's Day again). :)

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