Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Early onset Alzheimers?

This afternoon Lukas came in from playing outside to use the toilet. After going #2, he asked me to wipe him. I do, then go wash my hands at another sink. While I'm working in the kitchen I waited to hear sounds of flushing and washing. When I didn't hear anything, I call to him, "Did you flush?"

Lukas comes running back inside, looks in the toilet, sees the deposit he made less than a minute before and says, "Oh!" Then he takes his pants back down, sits on the toilet and asks me to wipe him again! I said, "I just wiped you, have you already forgotten?" He realizes/remembers, jumps off the toilet and flushes before washing and running back outside.

This is solid proof that working on engineering projects with pipes and sprinkler valves can cause early onset Alzheimers.

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