Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The morning walk report

This morning on our walk we saw work at two homes that was very exciting to Lukas. The first project involved a cement mixer. A man was depositing cement into wheel barrows, and then workers were taking it to the backyard of the house. Lukas could have watched that for hours.

As we continued walking, I heard a wood chipper in the distance and knew we were up for more fun. Sure enough, the public works department was cutting down a ficus tree (the only good ficus is a dead ficus, or a ficus in a pot). They were using a truck with a cherry picker, so Lukas got to watch the man climb into the bucket, and use a chain saw on a pole to chop branches off. Then he watched the other men put the branches in the wood chipper.

I'm really glad that Natalie is not bothered by loud noises (some kids with RTS are). I always say that Lukas has desensitized her to noise.

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